Mid-Michigan Kennels, Inc., is dedicated to providing highly trained canines and canine related training for law enforcement, military, and private security contractors. Mid-Michigan Kennels Inc offers full service police canines that are strong, social, and get results.

Police Canines
We offer Single-Purpose Narcotics or Explosives detection, and Dual-Purpose Canines that detect and protect. Our Police K-9 Handlers' Training Course is approved by the Michigan Commission On Law Enforcement Standards (MCOLES) the Indian Law Enforcement Association (ILEA) and the Ohio Peace Officers Training Academy, (OPOTA). All dual-purpose dogs are trained to track, conduct building searches, open area searches, article searches, and provide handler protection and suspect apprehension.

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3 Year Written Health Warranty
All of our dogs come with a 100% written, full replacement warranty for all genetic defects for 3 years. No one else offers this kind of backing. The warranty includes hips, spine, elbows, eyes and heart. We also warranty our dogs for workability for 1 year with a free replacement policy. All canines come with a complete set of hip, elbow, and spine x-rays, vaccination records and health check.

Click image to enlargeSingle Purpose Detection Course
The handling and use of narcotics and explosive detection dogs is the focus of this course. The course consists of classroom instruction, practical fieldwork, and detection exercises. Emphasis is given to the areas of odor theory, rewards, and search patterns along with deployment. The handler learns to utilize his or her canine in building, vehicle, luggage/parcel and locker searches. This course lasts three weeks for narcotics teams and four weeks for explosives teams.
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Dual Purpose Detection/Patrol Canine Handlers' Training Course
This course is designed to teach the basics of patrol canine deployment and utilization on the street. Proper use of a canine in building searches, area searches, tracking, article searches, and suspect apprehension and handler protection are the focus of this course. Officer safety and proper tactics are emphasized throughout this course. This course lasts five-weeks. All dual-purpose canine handlers attend a combined Detection/Patrol Course for five weeks of total training. These courses are taught by an experienced Police K-9 Handler.

Click image to enlargeAdvanced Training Seminars
Mid-Michigan Kennels, Inc., offers a wide variety of canine training seminars designed specifically to your needs. We offer narcotics detection and explosive detection seminars that teach deployment and search patterns along with problem solving techniques and handler enhancement. We also offer tactical and advanced patrol canine seminars with or without your area's TAC team. If you're having problems we can help you fix them. If you're good, we'll make you better.

Professionally trained dogs and top quality handler training means your K-9 team will be ready to succeed for you and your program. Contact us for more information on other training courses, course dates and availability.

Facility Features
Mid-Michigan Kennels enjoys a multi media classroom, break area and a rest room. We also have an open floor training area. The 5000 square foot indoor facility gives us a year round training environment. Our training facility also offers a 1.5-acre training field with many pieces of agility and confidence building apparatuses. We conduct a great deal of our training off site at real world training venues such as schools, tow yards warehouses, and local industrial parks.

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